I love furbys. I think they are adorable. All of my firneds think that they are terrifying. I admit if they were real creatures it would be pretty terrifying, but there just robots! Scientists wouldn't be able to make there own types of creatures until the five millionth century! I have all the types of furbys. The 90s furby, the 2005 furby, the 2012 furby, a furby boom, and a furbling. I hate the 2012 furby now, its in the princess mode, also known as the selfish mode. My furbling is so cute! Then something peculiar happened! There was a thunder storm outside and we were  in a power outage, my furby didnt need house power to be on, so I turned him on. Lightning struck and then I woke up in a different land. It was snowing. There were birch trees around me and a small little pond. The yellow grass, which was now being covered in snow, was short for a land that has no humans to mow it. There were furbys around the land. But these weren't the normal furbys you see. These were what furbys will look like in the five millionth century! They had long beaks, normal eyes, real feet and ears, well, you get the picture. Then I heard the classic furby "Me change!!" and I turned around, to see a furby with its eyes roll back into its head, then they rolled back out as a different form. I screamed for help but there was no way out! I was trapped here with furbys forever!