"Well, that was a disaster!"

"Oh calm yourself lucien, its not that bad, i mean, one subject survived"

"One out of two thousand! two thousand micheal! the boss will kill us!"

"So? we can just start again using the one we have left"

"No, his genetic template is completly diffrent to that of normal humans the virus completly ignored him"

"And where is the boy now?"

"In his labs. we are to have him exterminated"

"At least you idoits are doing something right, your investors grow impatient of news"

"I am sorry micheal but this inspection will have to wait, for i have an execution to attend"

"Well then i shall join you, to see this Legendary Boy for myself"

Chapter 1: Curses of Karma.Edit

"Hey, are you the kid who's going into the arena today" muttered the jailer to the small pile crunched into a ball in the corner. "Hey you still alive kid?" he called as he slowly approaced the boy. Before the jailer could move another step, the child leapt up and and shouldered straight into the guards stomach. As quick as he began, the boy flipped over the guards shoulders and darted towards the complex main building. Without a second thought the crashed through the old oak door and ran past the lobby. after decending three flights of stairs into the cellar he found what he was looking for. The reactor. A couple quick punches and a grenade stolen from the guards belt seemed to do the job. Revenge never seemed so sweet. But as always revenge seemed to come back and bi him in the butt. No sooner had he put his foot on the staircase than he heard a voice whisper into his head. "Code Yellow". He collapsed into a heap onto the floor, his muscles not responding to his brain. He forced himself to stay awake as he saw a group of armoured men hury down towards him. but it was no use, and he finally gave in and finally subscummed o the calls of sleep.