Note: This story is mainly for kids to read since adults may be bored by this story. It's purpose is to boost up young childrens' confidence.


Meet Willie, a shy 5-year old boy and a kindergartner at Pines Elementary School. He is very friendly, sometimes a little too friendly. Many people treat him meanly because he rarely stands up for himself. One spring day after school, he came home crying. His mother rushed out out to hug him the minute he came into the house. "What's wrong, Willie?" his mother asked him. Willie rubbed his eyes and cried into his mother's shoulders. "A bully on the bus made fun of me since I lost at the Crab Soccer Game at school."

His mother patted him. "There, there, some kids just are not nice. You just have to learn on how to have confidence in yourself." she gently said. Willie sniffed. "What do you mean?" he asked, his voice thick. His mother grinned. "Confidence means you don't let anything make you feel bad, and you believe in yourself." she said. Willie smiled a little. "How do I get confidence?" he asked. His mother slowly bent down to him. "First, you have to learn on how to ignore mean things people say about you. Next, try to think of the things you're good at."

Willie thought for a while. "I'm a good drawer, and a good ball thrower." His mother clapped her hands. "Good job. Do you feel a little better?" she asked. This time Willie's smile was real big. "I feel a little better now!" he said.